Methylene Blue Test Kit Model BH4260



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Product Description

Model BH4260 Methylene Blue Test Kit is used for testing the moving soil content by the method of MBT. Use the capacity of methylene blue can be estimated the total cation exchange capacity of solid phase which in the drilling fluid.
1. Test set;
a. Inspirator(TD):10cm3 e. Grad cylinder:50 cm3
b. Beaker flask:250cm3 f. Stirring rod
c. Burette:10cm3 g. Hot plates
d. Pipette:1 cm3 h. Filter paper
2. Tested reagent
a. The methylene blue solution:3.2g/l density, methylene blue(C16H18N3SCl)(1cm3 =0.01mg equivalent )
Note: when configurate solution you must be test the water content of methylene blue. Put 1.000g of methylene blue in the environment that 93℃ to dry until constant weight.
When you configurate solution, please you should correct the amount of sample according to the following equation:

Gravimetric sample (g) =

The weight of dry sample (g)

b. Hydroperoxide : 3% solution
c. Dilute sulphuric acid : About 5N

Type Specification

BH4260Methylene Blue Test Kit

Technical Specification

No.Technical Specification
1Net weight / Gross weight17.16kg/17.16kg
2Overall dimensions585×270×335mm
3Packing size585×270×335mm