Mud Cake Performance Tester Model HTD19941



Gas separation channel

Diameter 2mm

Net weight / Gross weight


Overall dimensions


Product Description

The drilling fluid Mud Cake Performance Tester is driven by the transmission system to drive the measuring plate to apply pressure to the mud cake at a fixed speed. The acquisition system performs data detection and data collection on the pressure provided by the transmission system. After the control system is processed, the measurement results are obtained. LCD color liquid crystal display and computer data analysis and archive, and then obtain the comprehensive parameters of mud cake performance: mud cake weight, total thickness, actual thickness, virtual thickness, mud cake hardness, toughness.

The instrument is mainly composed of four parts: frame body, transmission system, acquisition system and control system.
The main features are as follows:
1) The actual measurement range is 0-10mm;
2) The resolution is 0.001mm;
3) Measurement accuracy 0.05mm;
4) Repeatability accuracy 0.05mm;
5) Can measure the comprehensive performance of mud cake weight, thickness, solid thickness, virtual thickness, hardness, toughness;
6) LCD color liquid crystal display, draw real-time pressure and compression curve;
7) Connect to the host computer, and record and print the experimental data through special software;
8) Through the host computer, you can set the final pressure, the pressure value of the virtual thick pressure, and improve the flexibility of the instrument.

Specification and Model

Mud Cake Performance TesterHTD19941

Working principle

The main detection components of the drilling fluid mud cake performance evaluation instrument are a measuring plate moving down at a constant speed and a weighing sensor where the mud cake is placed. The 64 subdivision stepper motor drives a high-precision screw to move up and down, the measuring disk and the screw are fixed together, and are positioned by precision linear guides, which effectively controls the up and down movement of the probe. During the experiment, the number of steps the stepper motor rotates is converted into the shape variable of the mud cake. The pressure exerted by the probe on the mud cake is detected by the acquisition system, and then converted into an analog electrical signal for output. The analog signal is converted into a digital signal by a precision AD converter. These digital signals are used to calculate, process, and drive the LCD through the single-chip control system, and finally display the test results on the LCD liquid crystal or transfer the data to the computer through the host computer software, and automatically export the test results to the archive.

Technical Parameters

No.Technical Specification
1voltage24V 5A
2Linear stepper motor64 subdivisions
3Actual measurement range0-10mm
5Measurement accuracy0.05mm
6Repeatability accuracy0.05mm
7Weighing resolution0.1g
8Weighing accuracy±0.5g
9Maximum weighing750g
10Net weight/Gross Weight16.2/18kg
11Overall Dimensions255x400x495(mm)
12Packing Size645x400x495(mm)


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