Sand Content Test Kit Model ZNH-1



Mesh size

0.07mm(200 mesh )

Overall dimensions


Packing size


Product Description

The Sand Content Test Kit is an easy, reliable, efficient, and proven means for determining the sand content of drilling fluid. The kit employs the sieve analysis method for determining the sand content. It uses a 200 mesh sand screen to trap the sand and other course particles in the drilling fluid.
The Sand Content Test Kit contains the sand screen [a sieve mounted in a cylinder, a funnel that fits over the end of the screen cylinder with the small end fitting into a glass measuring tube, and a wash bottle. The measuring tube has a scale that is graduated from 0 to 20% to measure percentage of sand by the volume of drilling fluid.
The volume of sand, including the spaces between the grains, is expressed as a percentage of the volume of the drilling fluid. The value read from the measuring tube is reported as: “% by Volume”.

Type Specification

ZNH-1Sand Content Test Kit

Technical Specification

No.Technical Specification
1Mesh size0.07mm(200 mesh )
2Glass cylinder capacity100ml
3Minimum indexing value0.2 ml
4Sand content0~20%
5Net weight / Gross weight0.14kg/0.3kg
6Overall dimensions400×70×100mm
7Packing size260×130×80mm


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