Wet Sieve Analysis Kit Model SSH-1



Work stress

10psi(International API standard 10 LBS/inch 2)

Overall dimensions


Packing size


Product Description

Pour the drilling fluid on the sieve and rinse it by water, then measure the sand content of the drilling fluid or barite, and can get the percentage of screen out..
The instrument is composed of the following components:
(1)The supporter assembly comprises bottom seat and supporter etc. which support the instrument.
(2)Nozzle assembly comprises nozzle, right-angle elbow and tie-in etc. which change the column steam into sector.
(3)The drilling fluid cup assembly comprises cup, cap and screen etc.
(4)The reductor assembly comprises the valve base, the valve core, the tie-in of input and output, the adjusting pressure handle, the valve body and the valve rod etc. which is a equipment to provide the experience pressure by reducing and steadying the pressure.
(5)The tap designed according to the GB/T18145-2000(1/4〞) standard which connects the water source with the instrument and controls the using water in experiment.

Type Specification

SSH-1Wet sieve analysis kit

Technical Specification

No.Technical Specification
1Work stress10psi(International API standard 10 LBS/inch 2)
2Mud cup’s capacity400ml
3Effective filtration loss area45.6cm²(International API standard 7.1in2)
4Screen mesh200 mesh and 325 mesh
5Net weight / Gross weight5.88kg/6.46kg
6Overall dimensions140×200×440mm
7Packing size620×176×365mm