August 24, 2020 13:47 Source: Economic Daily-China Economic Net

Economic Daily-China Economic Net, Beijing, August 24-The reporter learned from China Petrochemical Corporation that on August 15, well Tashen 5 drilled by Tarim Branch of Zhongyuan Petroleum Engineering Company passed Party A’s acceptance and started drilling smoothly, which will break the record of the deepest drilling on land in Asia.

Tashen 5 well, located in Kuqa City, northern Tarim Basin, Xinjiang, is a risk exploration well deployed in Northwest Oilfield, with a design well depth of 8945 meters. In view of the difficulties caused by the recent epidemic, such as the obstruction of vehicle traffic and the difficulty in organizing and coordinating the production of materials, equipment and personnel, the company set up a production and operation team, worked out the production and operation plan in advance, prepared the tools and materials needed for spudding, and did a good job in filing vehicle information and applying for permits to ensure that the tools and materials arrived in the well in advance.

In the next construction, they will strictly follow the technical instructions, take technical measures such as monitoring while drilling, well deviation control, leakage prevention and plugging, optimize drilling tools, optimize construction process and technical parameters, and ensure safe and efficient drilling completion.